Terms of Use

Toppmart.com Guarantees:

1. Account Validity Assurance:
   - Your account remains fully valid as long as no rules are violated.

Rules & Policy

1. Toppmart.com Services:
   - We don't offer training or advice.
   - We don't store the history of accounts; securing login details is the customer's responsibility.
   - Among our rules:
     a. Accounts should be logged in from their respective country IP addresses; failure to comply may result in account lockout, and there will be no replacement.
     b. Accounts eligible for replacements are those with invalid login credentials or accounts that mismatch with the product name.

2. Client Responsibilities:
   - Buyers confirm changing passwords and assume full responsibility for account security.
   - Buyers are accountable for actions taken with purchased accounts.
   - Toppmart.com isn't responsible for customer actions with their accounts.

Wallet Balance Usage

1. Wallet Functionality:
   - Toppmart.com's Wallet allows fund deposits for purchases on the site.
   - Deposited funds can't be withdrawn or transferred externally.

2. Maintaining Wallet Balance:
   - Users must maintain enough balance for desired purchases.
   - Wallet funds are non-withdrawable, non-refundable, and non-transferable.

3. Deductions and Insufficient Funds:
   - Successful transactions automatically deduct from the user's Wallet.

4. Refunds for Unused Funds:
   - Refunds for unused Wallet funds aren't provided.

Terms of Use Modifications

- Toppmart reserves the right to modify Terms without prior notice.
- It's your responsibility to review periodically for updates.

Agreement Acknowledgment

- Using Toppmart.com and depositing into the Wallet implies agreement with these Terms.
- Refrain from use if you disagree.
- Replacement warranty is 24 hours.